In announcing a long awaited upgrade to Apple TV, send out CEO Tim Cook had a simple message for the industry: “we feel the future of television is apps,

and with that, The company unveiled the latest update to a streaming media box that hooks up to your television so you can view movies from the likes of Netflix and stream other digital media. The new Apple TV also connects to an App Store for access to games and various other content, And comes with an reconfigured remote with a trackpad and voice command capabilities.

All that will not come cheap. An Apple TV with 32 gb of storage costs $149, anyone with 64GB is $199.

One of the more anticipated upgrades will be its new os in this handset, dubbed tvOS, that works well more like the one on your smartphone. It allow Apple TV to offer a much broader range of media, contain games and sports.

Apple showed off several of the offerings that is to be available. They included video requirements like Netflix, Hulu and cinemax, As well as software pacakages new to Apple TV, Like the holiday rental service AirBnB and the shopping site Gilt, CNET files.

Apple also announced it’s teaming up with mlb to make its At Bat app available on Apple TV. The app permits users to click on a grid of baseball games and stream any of them instantly.

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Chad Evans, Senior v. p,second in command, Mobile Product Development at mlb Advanced Media, Discsses the MLB app for Apple TV during an Apple media event in san francisco, september 9, 2015.

The Apple TV will feature voice instructions with Siri, New adventure titles and apps, and a remote.

game titles like Crossy Road, Which was played on the giant screen during Apple’s demo, Came in for some withering criticism by those who compared it to something straight from the era of Donkey Kong and Frogger. Talk of Apple competing with the likes of Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One seemed misplaced to some critics.

“I’m not canceling any pre orders for Fallout 4 after looking at a Crossy Road demo, A game I’ve been playing on my phone for months and months, CNET’s Jeff Bakalar stated to CBS News, Though he noted that as well as like Guitar Hero looked more “Graphically severe,

“Maybe you don’t lead with that demo as a sign of innovation in gaming through Apple TV, he explained. “also, It’s accessible if you have no exposure to gaming whatsoever,

The remote became accomplished reviews.

it possesses a glass surface across the top that responds to touch. Coolest of all is which the viewer can summon Siri, Apple’s voice command digital admin, For support.

In showing off the feature, An Apple executive asked to own device find the episode of “innovative Family” In which Edward Norton plays the singer of the 1980s band Spandau Ballet. Up it comes. The remote searches across a wide array of different content so do not need remember whether a certain show or movie was on HBO, Showtime, Netflix or some other place Apple TV will find it.

The voice reputation feature also lets viewers tell the Apple TV to jump ahead in a video, Or look up content in line with the cast, manager, Age credit report score or date, CNET describes.

With Apple more focused on the likes of its iPhone and Apple Watch previous few, Apple TV sales slipped as challengers offered more features and content. while in March, corporation cut the price by a third to $69 before rolling out its first new model since 2012.

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